General Information
"The darkness is a mirror of the depths of the soul. All that is hidden inside us, our desires and our fears, is projected on the darkness."

Dragon Rouge is an esoteric society that is non-confessional, undogmatic and eclectic. We are interested in philosophy, psychology, religion, science and culture. As esotericists we aim to achieve: 1) individuation, 2) autonomy and 3) creativity. Our philosophical and metaphysical goal of 'self deification' implies that we strive to realise the most remote qualitative principles of existence.

We also call ourselves a magical order and we are interested in the form of esotericism that traditionally is called magic. In Dragon Rouge we commonly use the word "magic" as meaning ''the art of the will". To work with magic entails exploring and familiarising oneself with ones true will, and applying it to to become a creator of one's own life.

Self development and independence are important qualities to strive for, but as an order we also emphasise the ability to cooperate. Other qualities that Dragon Rouge encourage are:

– Knowledge, critical thinking and academic education.
– The ability to concretise visions and ideas.

Dragon Rouge is a meeting place for people who want to develop these qualities, perhaps in conjunction with the artistic interests of Dragon Rouge such as the music, art and literature of the Gothic period as well as various forms of innovative Avant-garde culture. Dragon Rouge fits in the esoteric tradition, with its roots in the humanism of the renaissance, and the genuine interest in other historical periods and alien cultures. Dragon Rouge also arranges social events such as dinner parties and other festivities.

To become a member: send us a letter describing yourself and your previous magical/occult experience. You should also state why you wish to join Dragon Rouge. The basic membership costs € 40 in Europe and € 45 outside Europe. As a member you are welcome to our introductory lectures, magical meetings and festivities. DRACONTIAS, our members' publication is sent out, containing unique articles, ceremonies and other valuable information about dark magic. Every member decides for him-/herself how deep the involvement in Dragon Rouge will be.

The order is based on three main parts: one outer part which is open for all members, one inner part which contains an initiation system of 11 levels and finally the inner circle. As a member you have the possibility to begin our initiation course. When ordering the course you will get access to an initiation forum with the option to communicate with mentor initiates from Ordo Draconis.

There might be many reasons behind the decision to join Dragon Rouge. Some people become members because they share our cultural preferences and philosophical interests. Others become members because they wish to support our work or simply to share the draconian brother-/sisterhood. The main part of our members, however, become members because they want to be part of an order which enables them to practice advanced dark magic in a powerful and unique initiation system. The practical initiatoric magic is the foundation of Dragon Rouge.

Save the receipt that you are given when transferring money to us, since this can be used to verify your claim in case the money does not reach us.

DRAGON ROUGE, Box 777, 114 79 Stockholm, Sweden.

The Initiatoric Draconian Magic
The Draconian initiation is based on 1+9+1 levels that together constitutes 11 steps that corresponds to the Qliphoth and the 11 demon rulers who act as the nightside and antitheses of creation. The first step is where the uninitiated begins. An opening of the gate to the dark side. The following 9 steps represents the 9 levels of the night side or the underworld that Odin passes through on his initiation in the secrets of the runes. These steps brings the adept to the heart of darkness and transforms man into a god (like promised by the serpent in Genesis 3:5 when man begins the initiation by eating of the fruits of knowledge). The last step is beyond the limits of creation.

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